How to Successfully Pass a Phone Interview

How to Successfully Pass a Phone InterviewBefore you can actually have a face-to-face interview, most businessmen nowadays are trying to interview you first in over a phone call especially that there are various applications nowadays that offer free phone chat. Here are the following tips that you should always keep in mind for you to pass the initial interview:

Practice your delivery
Since the interviewer is not able to see you in person, you should rely on your voice to leave a good impression. With that being said, no matter how witty your answers are, if you are not able to deliver it properly, it can cause misunderstanding especially that you are talking over the phone. Always listen to talk shows and interviews in radio so that you will have an idea on how the host uses the tone of their voice in delivering the message.

Dress appropriately
Even when the manager cannot see you, you should make sure that you dress the part. Do not wear sweatpants and tank top while answering the phone call for the initial interview. Instead, slip on heels and wear business attire. Studies have found out that wearing business attire can help you maintain your professionalism.

Act as if you are meeting the manager in person
Put the profile of the manager in your laptop and stare at it while talking as if he’s really in front of you. It can help you maintain your composure while you are talking to him and can help you to sound professional all throughout the phone call.

If it’s the job that you have been dreaming of and you finally had a chance to have an interview, you should do your best in passing the initial stage. Follow these tips so that you can increase your chances of getting accepted.