Month: August 2016

Execution Is Everything When It Comes To Your Plans

Execution Is Everything When It Comes To Your PlansIt’s one thing to plan something, but proper execution is key. In fact, execution is everything. Think about the saying you hear all the time about actions speaking louder than words. Think of planing as the words you think, speak or write down. Execution is how you carry those plans out or take action. Of course, planning is great, but plans, no matter how hard you try, don’t always work out the way you want.

In fact, that happens quite often. What you have to realize is that execution is much more than just carrying out your plans. Execution is about being able to go with the flow, sacrifice and take action with sincerity. That point about sincerity is so important when it comes to execution. You can carry out a plan to a ‘T’ without it being very effective. Do you get my drift?

Executing plans of any kind require that you are passionate about what you’re doing. Say this specific plan you’re thinking about right now doesn’t deal with anyone else, only yourself, at least in your mind at the moment. Say it’s work, and you live alone. I’m setting up something I can relate to and maybe you can, too. Now, you have to execute your plans to have an effective work day, whether you are all about work that day or not.

You have to realize that absolutely nothing falls into the category of being only about yourself. We should always think about others and how our actions and life impact others. It’s a lifelong lesson, and you’re not always going to feel motivated to move forward and get the job done. However, if your motives and your heart is in the right place, not only will you realize that execution is everything, but you’ll be much better at getting the job done.